We invite you to visit the following links. We believe each provides some information which will help you to understand more about our church and our community.Picture of Bull Rider In Action at the New Windsor Rodeo

1.    Click here New Windsor rodeo  and mosey on down to the corral to see action like this:   "All this 130 to 155 pound cowboy has to do is stay on this 2000 pound bull for eight seconds!  Easy?  No, it is not."

2. On a more serious note, click here Great Rivers Presbytery to discover how the Presbytery of Great Rivers, of which our Church is a part, carries out its mission:

"In Christ's name, we, the Presbytery of Great Rivers, join in prayer and partnership to serve and support the leadership of congregations and ministries; to assist congregations with renewal, 
revitalization and redevelopment; to develop new congregations; and to encourage ministries and mission beyond the scope of the local congregation."



Picture of the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America Seal

Click on the seal to the left to go to the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) web site to learn important facts and information about the Presbyterian Church like, "Presbyterians trace their history to the 16th century and the Protestant Reformation. Our heritage, and much of what we believe, began with the French lawyer John Calvin (1509-1564), whose writings crystallized much of the Reformed thinking that came before him."